Less Chemicals

Steam clean is powerful enough to clean and sanitize
most surfaces. However, there are times that we may
need to use products to remove stain on carpet or seat,
or brake dust on wheel.

Remove Harmful Allergens
and Pollutants

Carpet cleaning using hot water extraction,
will eliminate dirt and allergens trapped deep
in your carpets and keep the air inside your
car clean resulting in a healthier environment.

Steam to Kill Germs

The high temperature steam is effective
at killing germs and the high pressurized water can
reach into even the smallest cracks and crevices
where other cleaning tools often can’t reach

Baby Car Seat Steam clean and Vacuum For Free!

We’ve talked before about germs inside your car, but there’s a new study which goes into more detail about your bacteria bomb on wheels. We found this report on Reuters. First, let’s assume you’re the tidy type, who never brings food or trash into your car. Think you’re off the hook with germs? Nope. Microbiologists at Aston University in Birmingham, England, found that your gear shift is the #1 spot for germs. Researchers found an average of 356 germs per square centimeter on the gear shift – which is 25% more germs than any other spot in your car. That makes sense: Since the shift is always being touched – no matter who’s in the car.



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