Less Chemicals

Steam clean is powerful enough to clean and sanitize
most surfaces. However, there are times that we may
need to use products to remove stain on carpet or seat,
or brake dust on wheel.

Remove Harmful Allergens
and Pollutants

Carpet cleaning using hot water extraction,
will eliminate dirt and allergens trapped deep
in your carpets and keep the air inside your
car clean resulting in a healthier environment.

Steam to Kill Germs

The high temperature steam is effective
at killing germs and the high pressurized water can
reach into even the smallest cracks and crevices
where other cleaning tools often can’t reach

Your Premium Auto Detailing Service!

iSteam Auto Spa is an environmentally friendly and powerful auto detailing system. Using as little as one litre of water, SteamJet can clean an entire vehicle. No more wasting water, no more sloppy water left over, and no more long drying times.


The interior of the vehicle will be vacuumed by high powered vacuum to get rid of all dirt & debris. Next, the interior of the entire vehicle will be cleaned by high pressured steam cleaner, which helps to remove dust, dirt and kills bacteria. During this part of the process, the vents are cleaned by high pressured steam, blowing directly into individual vents. This cleans out dust and bacteria once the steam cleaning is completed: interior of the vehicle will be wiped down with a micro-fiber cloth to finalize the detailing process.